• Surgical Abortion

    The surgical procedures are performed in a private physician environment and counselors are only present if the patient requests.

  • Medical Abortion/Abortion Pill

    Here are some of the most common questions we hear women ask about the abortion pill.

  • Anesthesia/Pain Free Abortion

    We offer a variety of methods for pain management during the procedure and the recovery period.

  • Menstrual Regulation

    Performed prior to a missed-period. By some definitions this is not considered a termination of pregnancy.

Women's Center of Michigan Abortion Clinics

Women’s Center of Michigan Abortion Clinics are owned and operated by a Board Certified OB/GYN with over 35 years of Experience. Women’s Center of Michigan is a network of multiple abortion clinics in Michigan.

Check and make sure OTHER CLINICS are owned by an MD, Board Certified OB/GYN and not by a NON-PROFESSIONAL PERSONNEL. We have multiple locations throughout the Metropolitan Detroit area and Southeast Michigan.  All our medical Centers are completely confidential and specialize in 1st and 2nd trimester abortions, Morning After Pill/Plan B, pregnancy testing, HPV testing, birth control pills/Depo-Provera injections, IUDs and other gynecological services at low affordable prices. Sedation and pain free abortions. Special discount rates for students. Plan First/Free Family Planning Services. Our Medical Centers accept most Insurances and Major Credit Cards. We welcome patients from throughout Michigan, as well as from Ohio, Indiana and Canada.

Special Offers

  • Premium Services
    Private OBGYN Office

    You will spend less than 2 hours in our private office and you won't have to wait in line

  • Partners/Friend/Parent
    Acquaintance Comfort

    Allows your partner, friend or parent to be by your side throughout the entire procedure

  • Private Patient Option
    Complete Confidentiality

    We ensure no one else will be in the clinic during the procedure

Private Sessions

We offer private personal confidential termination of pregnancy without any other patients present during the abortion appointment

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